Minutos Mágicos S3//

Mário Daniel is the author, presenter and magician of “Minutos Mágicos", a successful primetime show on SIC, now in its third season. Jorge Mourinha, respected TV critic from the newspaper "Público", described this program as "... light, dynamic, expeditious, well made magic show and with effective entertainment for the weekend evenings... a primetime show evident in any channel”.
“Minutos Mágicos” has been an audience leader for SIC and has been among the 5 most watched Saturday programs on all channels, with an average value of 1 million viewers per episode.
“Minutos Mágicos” was also a huge success in MIP TV in Cannes, and is currently in negotiations between Mário Daniel Productions (executive producer of the program), SIC and international channels/producers.

Promotional teaser trailer for the third season of the TV show "Magic Minutes", with Mário Daniel, originally broadcast by SIC Television between July and August 2014.

Making of the third season "Magic Minutes"