Experience, communication skills, charisma and creativity are some of the features that define Mário Daniel and that allow him to make your event unforgettable.
All shows can be customized through the adaptation of the magic effects to your company’s name, product or service.
Choose a show that suits you! Tell us what you want and let our creativity take care of the rest...

Close Up

This show has a strong visual impact and a lot of interaction with the audience, similar to what Mário Daniel presents in “Minutos Mágicos”.

Whether at an invitation-only reception, during a meal or coffee-break, the proximity and intensity with which Mário Daniel presents this show will not leave anyone indifferent!

Mário Daniel moves among the guests presenting close-up magic with day-to-day objects, cards, coins, rubber bands, bills, cell phones...

This format has the great advantages of being of easy adaptation to any context and the absence of associated logistics.

Stand Up magic

This is a stage show that involves spectacular effects with great visual impact.

Mário Daniel presents his magical effects through a speech full of humour, punctuated by strong visual sensations, creating a magical and compelling atmosphere at every moment.

It is a very funny show with a lot of interaction with the audience in which the magical effects are presented with objects/props of medium and large size which makes it ideal to be presented to a large audience.

This format is very versatile and adaptable to various contexts.


A relaxed and fun way Mário Daniel shares with the Workshop participants a few secrets about the fantastic art of illusion.

Mário Daniel conveys some basic concepts of the art and teaches some magical effects with everyday objects, with low level of technical difficulty but with strong visual impact.

Team Building

Team-Building actions are designed mainly in order to encourage team spirit and develop the ability to solve situations that seem impossible, in an innovative and creative way that surpasses expectations.

What seems more impossible than a magic trick? Mário Daniel presents a magical effect but his method of execution and construction is not revealed. The challenge proposed to the working groups will be to reproduce this magical effect.

In a creative, informal and fun way Mário Daniel becomes involved with the participants encouraging them to continuously improve their qualities in the pursuit of excellence.

Out Of This World Magic Show

“Fora do Baralho” is much more than a magic show. Blending the art of illusion with the scenic and theatrical arts, creating not only magic, but a magical atmosphere.

It tells the story of a magician who is in his studio trying to create his next show. In this world there are other characters, the maid who hates to see everything in a mess and the artisan of Mário’s illusions. In a very fun relationship and invoking the values of friendship, cooperation and family, they make the "tricks" arise naturally in the course of the narrative and turn into real magic!

This is a new proposal for a show and a new way of framing this art.

“Fora do Baralho” is a show that involves spectacular scenography with great visual impact.

This 90-minute show is ideal for private or public events in Theatres, Auditoriums, or movie theatres.