M�rio Daniel - Cartas

An unavoidable reference in magic, Mário Daniel is the magician with the largest audience on television in the last decade in Portugal.

He presented and co-produced 47 episodes (43' minutes each) of the successful primetime television shows "MINUTOS MÁGICOS” (MAGIC MINUTES), which quickly became leaders of audiences and were the winners of two awards in the category of Light Entertainment by public vote, in 2013 and 2014. Mário has been a beloved figure to the Portuguese public for several years, while also being the face of brands such as COCA-COLA and, more recently, LEGO.

He toured the country with “OUT OF THIS WORLD”, a show that mixes the art of illusion with scenic and theatrical art, which repeatedly sold out concert all over the country - and, in February 2019, premiered MINUTOS MÁGICOS – O ESPETÁCULO” (Magic Minutes - The Live Show), straight from the TV screen to the stage.

In 2012, Mário launched his own magic box - “MÁRIO DANIEL'S MAGIC” - with Majora and, in 2015, he once again shared some of his secrets with the public by launching the book “THE SECRETS OF MÁRIO DANIEL'S MAGIC”, with Leya .

He is a frequent presence at corporate events of some of the biggest national and international companies and, on the other side of the ocean, has already taken the stage of the famous MAGIC CASTLE, in Hollywood, where he presented over 30 shows. And his magical creations did not go unnoticed by the American public! “The Movie”, created by him and sold exclusively to professionals, was highly acclaimed by the critic and repeatedly presented on programs such as “GOT TALENT” and “THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW”, having been purchased by David Copperfield himself.