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The renowned magician with the largest share of Portuguese television audiences in the last decade is back on stage with "MINUTOS MÁGICOS - O ESPECTÁCULO" (MAGIC MINUTES - THE LIVE SHOW), a new and interactive show, created for the intense public participation.

Can't believe your eyes when you see Mário Daniel on television making his incredible and inexplicable illusions? Do you think they’re impossible? Camera trick? So get ready to shiver when you see him live, on stage, right before your eyes, breaking all the rules of logic.

"MINUTOS MÁGICOS - O ESPECTÁCULO” (MAGIC MINUTES - THE LIVE SHOW) is a show for the whole family, that challenges the audience and their senses and makes the most skeptical believe in the impossible. Mário Daniel maintains his distinctive sense of humor and relaxation, taking the entire audience on a journey through the world of magic.

Set the clock and get ready for a unique opportunity to live truly magical minutes ... live!