Out Of This World//


"Out Of This World" is much more than a magic show! It mixes the art of illusion with scenic and theatrical art, creating not only magic, but a magical atmosphere.

Unlike any ordinary magic show, "Out Of This World" combines the illusions in a unique narrative to encourage the imagination.

It tells the story of a magician trying to create his next show. But there are other characters in his world: the maid who hates to see everything out of place and the craftsman that builds the magician's illusions.

With music specially composed for the show and a spectacular set design, Mário Daniel’s “Out Of This World” is an amazing mix between Theater, Comedy and Magic, which makes it perfect for the entire family.

If you’re not a fan of “magic tricks”, this is the show for you.




Cast and Crew

Magician- Mário Daniel;
Cast- Cláudia Pedrosa and Paulo Monteiro;
Writen by- Mário Daniel e Sílvia Ribeiro;
Text Adaptation- Ana Sofia Pereira;
Directed by- Sílvia Ribeiro;
Set Design- Tiago Magalhães;
Sound Design- Pedro Marques;
Lighting Design- Paulo Lourenço

Feedback //

Gazelle Runner

24/06/2017 Fonte: Facebook Classif.

If I was asked to describe the sensation of assisting this show in a single word, I would say- Astonishing???

Marta Ricardo

20/06/2017 Fonte: Facebook Classif.

I've seen it and it's absolutely true!! The most amazing original show .. it's a must

Ana Peixoto

20/06/2017 Fonte: Facebook Classif.

Absolutely amazing!!

Paula Rocha

20/06/2017 Fonte: Facebook Classif.

Where are you going with this amazing show?!?!?!?

Matthias Haury

04/07/2017 Fonte: Website Classif.

Dear Mario, Claudia and Paulo (and all the others in the background) Your show today (July 4 in English) was really great! But both me and my kids (14-16) really loved your enthusiasm and great magical skills.