Out Of This World Magic Show//

“Fora do Baralho” is much more than a magic show. Blending the art of illusion with the scenic and theatrical arts, creating not only magic, but a magical atmosphere.

It tells the story of a magician who is in his studio trying to create his next show. In this world there are other characters, the maid who hates to see everything in a mess and the artisan of Mário’s illusions. In a very fun relationship and invoking the values of friendship, cooperation and family, they make the "tricks" arise naturally in the course of the narrative and turn into real magic!

This is a new proposal for a show and a new way of framing this art.

“Fora do Baralho” is a show that involves spectacular scenography with great visual impact.

This 90-minute show is ideal for private or public events in Theatres, Auditoriums, or movie theatres.